Dave Reynaud, DDS - Marysville, Washington

"To the Practice Transition Partners Team,
Thank you all for the successful transition of my dental practice. Only after it was completed, could one truly appreciate the amount of time, effort and expertise required to accomplish the objective. Your company met or exceeded my expectations in all the key facets of the transition.

Rob, I want to acknowledge not only your expertise in the area of practice transitions, but also your dedication to always being available to answer my questions, or work through the inevitable issues which surface. The consistent timeliness of your responses to my questions can not be over emphasized. The most amazing and gratifying aspect of the sale was your ability to market my practice discreetly from beginning to end. I wanted to believe this could happen, but didn't really expect it. While this probably is not possible in all cases, it was true for my situation. Thank you for the focused intention you brought to the process. While it is true that you were representing me, I was impressed with your consistent sensibility to all parties concerned in whatever negotiation was occurring.

Sue, thank you for always being there to answer my calls and direct me to the right answer. Your kindness and understanding combined with your professionalism was a reassuring and stabilizing force for me throughout this process.

Susan, thank you for your professionalism and timeliness of executing the transition documents. I always felt up to date and informed.

Finally, if anyone were to ask me about my experiences with your company, I would tell them that the professionalism, expertise and knowledge, communication, and dedication to the success of all parties was remarkable, and I would recommend your services highly. I would be happy to make myself available to speak with anyone interested in knowing about your company or my experience."