About Us

Robert Stanbery – Owner

Specializing exclusively in dental practice transitions across the U.S. since 1997, Robert possesses a thorough knowledge of the complexities involved in the sale or purchase of a dental business. He expertly guides negotiations and understands the intricacies of handling such an important asset. His background and experience in dental practice sales and training with a practice management leader have given him the ability to facilitate smooth transitions, which allow the incoming and outgoing dentists, as well as the patients and staff, to feel comfortable.

In addition to his extensive knowledge of dental practice sales, Robert has developed relationships with a strong network of lenders, attorneys and accountants around the country. Whether his clients are buying, selling or merging a dental practice, Robert provides expert guidance and impeccable service with unparalleled integrity.

Kent Johnson, DDS – Transition Consultant

Dr. Johnson obtained his DDS from the University of Southern California Dental School in 1981. He began his dental career by building a cosmetic and restorative practice in California. In 1999 he sold this practice and moved to Utah. He built his dream practice in Park City, Utah and developed it around the ski town lifestyle. His practice consisted mainly of reconstructive, neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Johnson was one of the longest tenured instructors at The Las Vegas Institute (LVI). He has lectured throughout the United States and Canada for LVI as well as various practice management groups. He received his LVI Mastership in 2011. In 2015 he sold his Park City practice and retired from dental practice and teaching. Now, aside from consulting for Practice Transition Partners, he spends his time traveling, cycling, skiing and spending time with his kids and grandkids.

Client Testimonial

"To the Practice Transition Partners Team, Thank you all for the successful transition of my dental practice. Only after it was completed, could one truly appreciate the amount of time, effort and expertise required to accomplish the objective. Your company met or exceeded my expectations in all the key facets of the transition." - Dave Reynaud, DDS