You have worked hard to create a great asset - your practice. You have probably planned for all contingencies with life and disability insurance. However, have you planned for the unexpected in regards to your dental practice?

Your practice is a valuable asset for your estate but also a highly volatile one. A practice valuation is an integral piece of information for you and your family in the unfortunate event of death or disability. One step you can take to minimize the impact on your dental practice should the unexpected happen is to have a professional and current practice valuation on file with both your attorney and accountant. As a result, the practice value is established while the business is healthy, there is one less item of business to tend to during a time of tragedy when decisions are often poorly made, and the valuation will have the credibility of being prepared by a recognized professional. Additionally, learning the value of your practice now can facilitate estate and financial planning, partnership agreements, preparing for a future practice merger and coordinating financial arrangements for banking purposes.

We invite you to contact us at your convenience to learn more and to initiate the practice valuation process.

Client Testimonial

"I have never met an expert that was as knowledgeable as you relating to dental practice valuations. You were able to respond to every question asked of you by the attorney. . . Thank you for being a true professional and thank you for being a friend of our client. . . If I ever have client who wants to sell his dental practice, you will be contacted immediately." - Gary M. Bullock