Will you personally come see my office if I list my practice with your company?

Yes, a sales representative will come to view your office and to meet with you personally should you choose to list your practice with us.

What do I need to do to prepare for a sale?

Preparation for your practice sale will depend upon your selling time frame.  The longer time you have before you intend to sell, the more planning you can put into preparing the practice so it will be ready to sell at a maximum return to you. If you are ready to sell within the next 6 months, you might give the office a face lift to enhance its “curb appeal,” have the practice valued and move ahead with a practice listing. If you are 5 years out, you will have time to accomplish most everything you will need to do to maximize the value in your practice, such as establishing a strong patient flow, net profit, needed appearance improvements, some new equipment, etc. You will also have time to maximize retirement plans and do appropriate tax planning.

Client Testimonial

"Practice Transition Partners took all the pain out of selling my practice. Financing for the buyer was lined up ahead of time based on my numbers, and when it came time to do the deal it was a 'slam dunk'. But most impressive to my family and me was the time Rob Stanbery spent with us getting to know his clients on a personal level. I had already relocated my family 300 miles from the practice. Rob came with me on a weekend to meet my family. After this particular weekend, we knew we were being represented by a friend." - Stephen M. Palmer, DDS