Buyers FAQ

Do you help with financing?

With twenty years working exclusively in the dental practice transition industry, we have relationships with many lenders who specialize in dental practice financing. We assist the buyers in each of our transactions with presenting an application and can introduce them to quality lenders in the industry.

Why does PTP only represent the seller or the buyer in a transaction, but not both? 

Practice Transition Partners does not believe we can effectively and fairly provide dual representation in a practice sale. Though we exclusively represent only one party in a transaction, we will assist both parties with the details of the transaction to facilitate the sale.

Client Testimonial

"I can't begin to thank you for all of the assistance you gave me in my recent purchase of my present dental practice here in Las Vegas. After you helped me sell my practice in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I never thought I would have to call upon your services again. When I decided that semi-retirement wasn't for me and I wanted to own a dental practice again, you were the first person I thought of to call.

My second experience with Practice Transition Partners was just as enjoyable as the first. You were so professional in the manner in which you negotiated the purchase. You were able to calculate a practice value that was reasonable and fair to both me as a buyer and the dentist who was selling the practice. Even his attorney mentioned how impressed he was that you had so many facts correct and that you made so many great recommendations to the correct wording of the final contract.

Your expert advice was reassuring to me, and gave me the confidence I needed to discuss any issue of the purchase with the selling dentist. There was no disagreement with the purchase price because you had taken the time to correctly calculate the value of the practice. The other dentist accepted your figures without an argument because it was clearly evident that you had arrived at the actual true purchase price and value of the existing practice.

Rob, I can't begin to thank you enough for helping me begin this new phase of my dental career. I would honestly, and without any hesitation, recommend you to any dentist who is considering selling their practice or purchasing an existing practice. You have my gratitude and appreciation, and I will always be grateful for your expertise." - Robert J. Van Dyke, DDS