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Client Testimonial

"A big thanks is in order for successfully finding the right buyer for my practice. From our first interview to the final signing of the documents and even the follow up after the sale was incredible. Not only were you great with all of the technical aspects of a practice sale---but more importantly the personal touch you added was the icing on the cake. With the way you handled the personal side of the sale I was convinced you had a Doctorate in Psychology. I feel that I could call you at any time and you would promptly get back with me--even in the middle of your busy schedule. You were the greatest!!!!!

The prospectus and brochure that you put together for my practice were very impressive and thorough. It was first class all of the way, something that I would expect from you now that I have had the privilege of working with you. The fact that we were able to find a buyer with a similar philosophy was probably one of the most important aspects of putting the sale of my practice together. I have since had a number of phone conversations with the dentist that bought my practice and she is doing great. The TEAM is really grateful that we were able to find an incredible person with similar dental skills and philosophy to carry on our vision of dental care. That in itself has made all the difference in the world as far as TEAM and patient retention. Because of similar the philosophy my old TEAM of 12-13 years has felt extremely comfortable with this major change in their lives, a most difficult task to achieve.

Thanks again Rob for not only being the conductor of the orchestra, but becoming a friend through all of the ups and downs with this major change in my life. You made my dream come true---leaving my dental family in the hands of someone that will carry the torch forward with confidence and pride. What more could you ask for???" - Tim Adams, DDS