S. David Buck, DDS - Lynnwood, WA

“I have worked with Rob Stanbery and Practice Transition Partners since 1999, and in that time he has orchestrated two critical practice sales/mergers on my behalf. He is a consummate professional gentleman with absolute integrity, timeliness and always presents clear strategies that work. He has a very unique manner about him that makes you immediately feel at ease, and listened to.  He will spend whatever time is needed to build a relationship with a client, or a potential buyer, and is accessible anytime during a transition process. A buyer of a dental practice will always have significant anxiety and concerns about making a good decision. Rob understands this, and in my case he would spend hours upon hours in meetings to address each and every concern a buyer may bring to the table.  He is hands on and intimately involved throughout the process. Rob understands a paramount principle in business which is always seek a win-win deal. This is one of the secrets to the stunning success and longevity of Practice Transition Partners.

 In my 31 years of private practice, I have completed 5 different practice transitions including mergers/sales, and so I speak from experience. Rob has completed 2 of these 5 deals, and my experience in the other 3 was not exceptional in any way, but filled with some degree of pressure, confusion, and/or lack of support. By comparison, Rob Stanbery, and Practice Transition Partners have exceeded my expectations in every way. 

Rob is so well respected by the professional financial community that he has access to the finest accountants, lawyers and bankers who truly act as his partners for his clients in formulating all legal, financial and tax related issues that are critical to a well-planned dental practice transition. Rob also has a reputation of representing very successful dental practices and he understands the high tech, state of the art dental practice. He can equally and successfully represent a multi-million-dollar practice, as well as a solo small practice. He is about the personal touch, while being totally results driven. This comes in a package with honesty, warmth and a cheerful outlook. Rob is truly like that great neighbor, or old friend who would always be available to pull up a barstool, buy you a drink and offer a receptive ear to whatever was important to you...Rob is a rare find in today’s business world.”